Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Reader describes Sharpton as "a race baiting criminal extortionist on the far left kook fringe," but others believe his image is destined for appeance on a United States Postage stamp. (OD satire)

     "I remember when this bozo first showed up. He was a race baiting criminal extortionist on the far left kook fringe, like Farrakhan & Jackson."
Photo: Charles Wenzelberg/AP

     These are the words of a reader (mtshark) commenting on an article appearing at national review.com.  As the writer so accurately observes,  

     "No politician would get near him and the press mocked him."

     "Now, he is still a race baiting criminal extortionist but he has the ear of the President.....           http://ionenewsone.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/sharpton_obama.png

 ......and tells the Justice dept. what to prosecute and what not to.....


.....and the media gives him his own TV show.....


.....Imagine Al Capone visiting the White house and telling the Justice department what to do and the press fawning over him and that is what this insanity is like.....

 http://esensja.stopklatka.pl/obrazki/ilustracje/66330_al_capone.jpg     http://christiannews.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/obama-toasting.jpg

.....His rise to power in America shows how far left our Government and press have moved and how far our nation has fallen.....


.....His intimacy with those now in power in D.C. is an indication of how close to oblivion our Republic now sits."*


     If Americans are adept at any one quality, it is its guilt-ridden ability to forget (or purposefully ignore) the dark side of those low-life individuals who contributed to the embarrassment of this nation, and to the very people who elevated them to notoriety.
     Therefore, it will come as no surprise if someday in the not to distant future we might see our government honoring this shyster, Al Sharpton, and his equally detestable cohort, Jesse Jackson on an official United States postage stamp.
by: Obiter Dictum

(In order to avoid confusion regarding how to moisten adhesive for affixing this stamp to an envelope, detailed information will be included, telling the user which side to  
spit lick)!!!  (OD satire)

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