Saturday, July 20, 2013

Perhaps the most highly anticipated date of the century, January 20th, 2017

The final day
 Barack Hussein Obama 
                            will be in office!
     Perhaps only then will our abused American constitution, shelved for the past five years, once again be activated,  and become a living document relevant to ALL AMERICANS.

     Someone recently pointed out that America is probably one of the few nations  where a black man could be elected president twice,  and also provide  him a stage to complain about racism in that country.

    In reality, the racism being sold in this country, lives in the likes of people regrettably typified in the grotesque form of sycophants like Al 'con-man' Sharpton, Jesse 'having my baby out of wedlock' Jackson, and scores of others in the upper echelon of what honestly should be categorized as a malignant cancerous growth of 'whitey hating,'  black people' in this country.  And  as long as the gullible, uninformed, dumbed-down masses keep offering themselves up as willing prey, the race parasites will remain fat and happy..  However, a large percentage of these hucksters of hate seldom appear happy. 
   They hide behind so-called civil rights laws, which only can be properly interpreted by their protectors.  Which leads us to the next 'lower' category of black racists in America--those either elected or appointed into high level positions of national power. (See unconscionable handful pictured above)

     Many observers agree--leading the pack in this aggregation is the number one race baiter in this country, Barack Hussein Obama, sharing the national spotlight with another raging racist, Eric Holder.  Each of these men go unchallenged as they abuse their positions at the national pulpit, using carefully manicured teleprompter words while spitting in faces of the very people responsible for 'lending' them power, prestige and riches--only to be labeled as racists, and for no other reason than to advance a cause whose aspirations are for total and everlasting control.  Unbeknownst to useful tools, represented by those pictured above, they are not included in this terrifying tale's final chapter. Plantations would look more like playgrounds in comparison to what their leash handling ghouls have concocted.

     Trayvon Martin was just another black kid, victim of some insignificant everyday misdemeanor, but following a few stirrings of the pot, it now appears those who conjured up this witches brew determined they had all the perfect ingredients to further their plans.  The beginning of a brilliant plot to motivate an overly quiet African American community, docile and seemingly tranquilized by the election of 'one of their own,' or so they assumed. They painted Trayvon into appearing as a mild mannered, all American child, demonized by a monster in the form of George Zimmerman.  All the ingredients were there, however that 'Zimmerman' surname just did not play the plot very well, so emphasis was directed to his race, which we soon realized was not White/Caucasian, but an Hispanic player.  How quickly we were introduced by an always obliging Liberal media, to a new description in our midst--George Zimmerman became a WHITE Hispanic.

     Thinking the mix was perfectly blended to meet their taste, these  degenerates apparently envisioned the perfect combustible, suitable to ignite that sleeping black  American community.  They used every underhanded method to bring an otherwise innocent victim to trial, hoping to paint him as a preying monster, set on mutilating an otherwise angelic child to his last breath of life.  Hell, they had the Florida state prosecutor in their pocket...they had the Governor and Attorney General...they had a self-serving Judge, if not playing to a national television audience, appearing to score social points with a member of the defense team....they had their almost perfect jury (6 women, most being mothers) which played to their thinking that maternal emotions would surly send George Zimmerman to the gallows.  One very important factor they did not take into consideration.  These jurors apparently were not members of  'the gullible, uninformed, dumbed-down masses' they were so used to winning over to their side with an offer of meaningless trinkets and other insignificant forms of bribery.

     And so, after weighing carefully all evidence presented to them in this case, the jury wisely determined what everyone knew as fact from the very beginning.  George Zimmerman was not guilty of these hideous crimes leveled against him by criminal minded individuals like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, 'New Black Panther party,' the Congressional Black Caucus, all Liberal mainstream media, and other degenerate individuals and organizations determined to keep the African American community securely under control on their Progressive/Liberal Plantation of possessions.

     Regardless of all the whining and crying from the likes of Obama--all the vitriolic vomit spewing from mouths of less than human Neanderthal shysters   like Sharpton--all the 'girly' intimidation from the horrifying 'Panthers'--all the political underhanded movements by the charlatan-filled Congressional Black Caucus and the sobriquet lynch mob, comically referred to as the NAACP--this is what you DID NOT LEARN during the ZIMMERMAN MURDER TRIAL LYNCHING:

     Many Americans believe OBAMA AND HOLDER don't give a damn regarding justice for Treyvon Martin.  Their main objective now is to cover their own ass by attempting to rewrite details of this entire sordid affair gone bad.

     "As to practical implications, Time Magazine’s senior national correspondent Michael Grunwald spoke for many in Washington when he said that Obama may be trying to prepare the African-American community for the inevitable: Attorney General Eric Holder is not going to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman."

and particularly for the benefit of the 
Rachel Jeantels in the room...  

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