Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Is Hillary 'playing the BRAIN-JELLO card,,,,,AGAIN?'

     U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to recover from a medical close call.  A local news source described her medical issue as (a) "potentially life-threatening blood clot that doctors said they found in time."

     We will continue to monitor Clinton's condition, and wish her a speedy and complete recovery.  However, considering her recent objections to appear before a Congressional board investigating the Benghazia Libya murders of American officials, some are questioning the genuineness of her medical problems.

     In fact, there are those who probably remember Mrs. Clinton playing the role of, that fabled little boy who cried wolf.  In the 90's, she was considered less than forthcoming with answers when testifying before a Congressional inquiry probing allegations of wrongdoing by the Clintons in an earlier questionable real estate investment deal known as 'Whitewater.'

     Reportedly Clinton told the Committee that she didn't remember, didn't
know, or something similar:
250 times.*  
Her testimony (or lack
 of it) became a "laughing stock" of the nation, and inspired this humorous parody:                                                                                                                                   


     So Mrs. Clinton, you must pardon our obvious cynical sarcasm--once again when faced with challenging questions surrounding your credibility, you suddenly become incapacitated and appear unable to answer questions about your performance (or lack of it) during the Benghazi massacre.

A very significant case of  
Benghaziesia indeed !!!


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