Monday, January 14, 2013

OBAMA--" he faces opposition from gun-rights advocates"

When the mask is removed 
We get a quick glimpse at WHO HE REALLY IS!

    During my lifetime, I have now seen a dozen Presidents come and go.  This man, without question, is the most ego-centric and dangerous steward to hold that once highly respected position.  The office of President of the United States has been forever sullied!

     Everything is about him--allow me say that a bit louder...EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HIM.  HE perceives himself faced with mind boggling quandary's, never before encountered by one of his 43 predecessors.  Truth be told (and that would be unusual for this man) most of the so called dilemmas he is challenged by, are of his, or his media's own doing or creation.

     Today, this most shallow individual who insults Americans on a daily basis with his ineptitude, is lecturing his gun-control foes to "Examine their conscience," as if this murderous abortion peddling cretin has any right to petition others to search their souls.

     This man CLAIMS to be a constitutional scholar, however most true Americans probably believe his only interest in studying positions of that sacred document, was to make future determinations on how to shred it and replace it with a dogma of his own choosing.  Rather than being the guardian of this precious gift from our forefathers,  his actions reflect personal disgust and disdain!                               

     Citizens of this country had better wake up to the sobering realization...they no longer have a voice in protecting their God-given rights.  Every elected official in Washington, in every branch of government has been corrupted.  Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of a free Republic are today, nothing more than a faded memory.  Freedom of the 'press' at one time in this country's history meant that people had a loudspeaker from which to state their opinions and be heard by like-minded citizens--no longer, because even the media has been devoured by these sinister forces.


     Obama has been hiding behind Executive Privilege for four years and if given free reign to continue this form of dictatorial power, we no longer can exist as a nation. 


     Paraphrasing....someone who once said, "As we ascend the POLITICAL LADDER, viciousness wears a thicker mask."  Many alert observers in this country are beginning to realize--THIS GUY IS JUST GETTING STARTED!

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