Thursday, January 24, 2013

Roseanne Barr probably would have done a better job singing the Natioanl Anthem--at the very least, no one would have to tell us she was 'lip-synching'

Why all the fuss?

     We all agree, Obama can read, but does anyone really believe he'd dare deliver his inauguration speech without relying on his teleprompters?

     So big deal--Beyonce lip-synched the National Anthem.  So big deal--the United States Marine band was in on this 'Milli Vanilli' scam.

                                                  "Beyonce" ????                                              

     Besides, it's all theatrics anyway.  For the record, Obama officially was administered the oath of office on the day preceding all the glitz.  Unlike most day- to-day happenings connected with this administration, nothing sinister here folks, but merely a formality linked to the date when a President must take the official oath.

     So...why all the fuss?

     In the real world, Mitt Romney would have been standing on Barack Obama's staged 'X' spot, and we could have listened to a recorded speech from a real American President, such as Ronald Reagan. Incidentally, the inauguration of Ronald Reagan was listed as the coldest ceremonial day in history--7 degrees, compared to the balmy 46 afforded the Obama cast of characters.  Reagan's event was so cold, the pomp had to be moved inside the Capitol building and the President took his oath of office in the Rotunda.  If Obama officials thought the 46 degree temperatures might be too frigid for their star and cast of characters, they certainly could have done likewise.  But then, all those idolizers would have been left out in the cold and unable to witness history, again--whatever.

     Freezing January temperatures in Washington are always a threat to this most important quadrennial event, therefore it is not unusual for many segments to be prerecorded, including performance of the National Anthem.  However, we are now told, the decision to 'fake' actual singing of the patriotic tune was made by Miss Beyonce confessing, "she didn't have time to rehearse with the Marine Band."                                      
                                                                        'Milli Vanilli' ????

     Why all the fuss?  "We all know Beyonce can sing and the Marine Band can play."

     And considering this train wreck known as the Obama Presidency, it really could have been worse.         
     Roseanne Barr's critics who labeled this performance as disgusting and insulting were told to lighten on the comedians obvious light-hearted rendition of the nation's National Anthem.  Note to liberal loons of Hollywood and the Democrat Party, "When people stand up for the national anthem to honor their country, it's not a joke."

     So...why all the fuss? (Warning:  Offensive language)
Welcome to 
'Abraham Lincoln' ????

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