Friday, January 11, 2013

"When the Boogieman goes to sleep at night, does he check under his bed for Barack Obama?" 
     As a child, fearing the Boogieman is a normal path followed by all kids on their road to adolescence.
     If you've ever been stalked by a chainsaw wielding madman, or a blood-sucking vampire within the walls of an otherwise safe refuge known as your childhood bedroom, you were most likely plagued with the dreaded boogieman syndrome.

That innocent age when you wondered why out of millions of other kids in the world, why did all those boogie men choose your room to hide--strategically placing himself under your bed.

     The recent shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, victimizing scores of innocent kids and ending the lives of 20 others of their unfortunate peers, presented itself as a chain reactionary catalyst for any number of over zealous characters.  None more famous than Barack Hussein Obama.
     At the outset, we must impress upon you--it is not our intention to appear unattached from the reality of shock and disgust at the atrocity which happened on that horrible day in December.  But we are also aware of ever present narcissistic individuals waiting for gruesome tragedies like the one in Connecticut to advance their cavalier cause, regardless of how righteous its outcome might appear on the surface.

     Perfunctory reaction, is reflected by armed police officers being stationed in nearly every public school in the United States in the aftermath of such a tragic event.  As if the presence of one individual, perhaps with his/her own deep-seeded, yet to be identified psychosis can protect hundreds, if not thousands of students timorously awaiting victimization by the next gun wielding, machete brandishing, acid splashing, grenade tossing malcontent!  Stationing security guards in thousand of public school building throughout this country is not unlike the probability of that boogieman sacked out under your bed.

     Perfunctory reaction, in the aftermath of a Colorado movie theater ambush, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries, would have resulted in armed security in the estimated 6,000 theaters in the United States.  The task even becomes more complex when considering nearly 400 of those screens are assigned to drive-in theaters. Visions of roving armed combat troops suddenly go marching through my skeptical, yet analytical mind.  A police presence in thousands of movie theaters throughout this country is again, not unlike the probability of that peripatetic boogieman making his perpetual progression to routinely shoot up places of entertainment.

      Barack Obama and like-minded Progressives represent generational despots, which we balanced people are forced to tolerate until they whither on the vine and eventually, like us, meet their maker, however for them, one must question whoever or whatever that might be.

 The founders of this country realized ambitious wannabe autocrats such as Obama and company would at one time or another attempt to force their will upon the citizens of this land, rewriting history and fundamentally transforming it into an hallucination, resembling something he characterized in Dreams from his father.

     If these blooming cretins had an ounce of concern about the well-being of the children in this country, why do they not take similar action when the battlefield is their backyard--e.g. Chicago.  On any given day, but most likely weekend, countless gangland shootings take place, with any number of innocent kid by-standers getting caught up in the crossfire and ending up dead.
     No boogieman to see here--just move along please.  In March of this past year, one of the bloodiest weekends was witnessed by Chicagoans when random shootings left 10 dead and 40 wounded.  PLEASE MISTER OBAMA....check all closets for BOOGIE-MEN!!!  But indifference circumvents any prolonged search for the illusive boogieman, when his presence might focus embarrassment on his comparable colleagues pathetic inability to contain a problem many believe was generated by people such as Obama and other well-intentioned but naive community organizers.  Sorta dove-tails with your Utopian vision of Unicorns grazing in every back yard and that elusive quest to fulfill those ambitious dreams from your father--eventually being successful at fundamentally transforming America.
     Dreams are not real Mister Obama.  No one has come forth with a mythical Unicorn lately and the only Boogieman running unrestrained, is the one you and your frenzied apocalyptic sycophants foist upon, about the only transformation you have accomplished, a gullible and unsuspecting America.

     Ergo Mister Obama, there is really only one true boogieman, and more Americans are finally awakening to the realization that he is currently residing, along with other creepy Biden-like monsters,  somewhere under a bed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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