Friday, January 3, 2014

Lets play the name-switch game--it should be so much fun for Libs!

     Former First Lady Barbara Bush was hospitalized on Monday for treatment of pneumonia at a hospital in Texas. (1)

     The 88 year old Bush family matriarch is wife of former President George H.W Bush, and mother of this nation's 43rd President--George W. Bush.

     Most Americans sent words of encouragement to Barbara Bush, along with prayers for a speedy recovery.  However, Commie Democrat Pinko Libs were unable to contain themselves--gleefully rushing to social media sites to spew their usual venomous words of hatred and repugnance towards the sweet-natured former First Lady.

     One example came from 'Bob' at Twitter--"Hope she dies. Roaring Cu*t!!!"*

     Lets have some fun--As you read the following words of encouragement for the former first lady posted at Twitter, why not substitute the name of Barbara Bush with a Liberal Icon, who certainly is more deserving of the "C-word" moniker.....

Remember....the fun part of this little game is to substitute the name Barbara Bush with
Wasn't that fun....but if you really would like to raise the ante,
why not exchange the Twittered Barbara Bush name for one of our all time favorites.....
NANCY 'D'Alesandro' PELOSI

Actually, this name-switching game is so much fun when you use names of women who actually are much more deserving of the 
(1)  "In 2010, (Mrs) Bush was admitted to the hospital after having a mild relapse of Graves disease, a thyroid condition for which she was treated in 1989. She also had heart surgery in March 2009 and was hospitalized in November 2008, when she underwent surgery for a perforated ulcer."  Source:

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