Saturday, January 4, 2014

We are all born crying, perhaps from that first slap on our ass, but Liberals live a life of complaining.

Liberals are never satisfied about...anything!

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     Liberals are never satisfied with the current level of power they have.  California is a perfect example.  With the exception of their ugly twin siblings in New York, probably no other place on earth exemplifies liberalism gone wild than in this bastion of boredom.  Too many Californians (and New Yorkers included) suffer from illusory superiority.  They have this false sense of  social sensitivity, convinced that their freedoms are above average by American standards, because they are allowed to vote on legislative resolutions (Propositions), only to later have their 'majority vote' overruled from the bench by crony political hacks.
     Therefore, the powers-that-be in these cesspool Utopias are real life theme parks where one man ideologue is appointed, and can change established law against the will of the people.  But perhaps this is the price you pay for having a swell looking tan.

     Liberals are seldom satisfied with, what conservative-thinking people would consider, having enough. They have an insatiable desire to want more, however, their perception of more, is usually possessions of others--other people’s stuff. First and foremost, they want it for themselves, but to justify and disguise their own selfishness, they pretend to want wealth spread around to those THEY decide are deserving. They fail to recognize, someone will always be richer and better off, regardless of their desire to make everyone play left-field, and by their rules.

     They despise those people who have struggled and scarified, being responsible individuals with ambitions to manage, and hopefully to accumulate wealth for their future, and that of their families. So lefties want to level the playing field by taking that wealth away, and spreading it around, first to themselves, and whatever crumbs remain--share with the unfortunate dregs of their society--who THEY decide are deserving.

Take for instance, THIS MAN. He has been elevated to the highest, most prestigious position in the United States of America, but still...he whines and complains at every turn. 

     Leftist loons were unhappy with George W. Bush, so we appeased them by tolerating a Socialist whiner for eight years.  But still, they are not satisfied.  When this boob's time in office expires, they want to continue the 'hurt,' by giving us another dose of destruction, clothed in pants suits, and oozing with compassion for no one but herself and those walking around with extended cupped hands, constantly reaching for 'the other guy's stuff.'  As someone once said, "A new shade of lipstick on the same old socialist pig."


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