Monday, January 27, 2014

Stomping on American citizen's Constitutional rights is okay, if it's for the good of the Nation
                                                       Senator Chuck Schumer

     Mr. Schumer apparently has never done ANYTHING other than be a politician. He went to Harvard and then straight into the New York State Assembly, then into the U.S. Congress. No garment district or Bakery, specializing in Jewish Rye for this guy.  No sir, Chuckie has been on the public dole for his entire adult life. The Federal government IS a criminal syndicate because of shrewd orchestrating by the likes of this, and too many other, CAREER POLITICIANS.

     Understandably, outspoken politicians like Schumer is a regular 'Chatty-Chuckie' when in friendly territory, namely a George Soros funded group such as the manipulative radical Center For American Progress.  Let someone question him about letters he signed behind closed doors requesting IRS support to investigate areas of the Tea Party movement, and the normally outspoken Senator ignores and waves aside the little people seeking answers. 
(excerpt from)
Jason Mattera

This is when Schumer becomes 
     But when surrounded by his most-admiring subjects, Schumer does not mince words when directing one of his government attack dog agencies (IRS) on the Tea Party--Americans opposed to that same government trampling over their rights, and a Constitution written for the expressed purpose of protecting them against wannabe gangster tyrants, ever-germinating in that cesspool known as Washington, D.C.  Chucks idea of fair play is to pull out the big guns at the IRS to investigate (read that punish) the Tea Party movement for having the audacity to question 'authority.' This politician and the people in his audience, hinging on every word spoken during his sanctimonious sermon, have no tolerance for anyone who thinks differently than they do.

     Tea Party supporters want lower taxes, less debt, less government spending and corruption, traditional family values, and an occasional adhearance to the Constitution by out of control judges, who have been making laws from the bench for the past 50 years. Of course the Left views all these demands as life-ending weapons aimed at their core, soley for the purpose of driving a stake in the heart of their fellow blood-sucking ghouls, better known these days at Progressive Democrats.

     Why do you suppose parasites such as Schumer resorts to dipping into the 'class and racial' well everytime HIS job, and the party he represents, appears in danger of LOSING POWER AND CONTROL--because, as we all know, this is what the entire Washington charade is all about.  When 'black' voters appear to be wandering too far away from the Democrat's established plantation permiters, they call in their 'kept' partners, represented by the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus.  How incomprehensible is this scenero--they get a "clean African American" (words of Joe Biden) elected to the most powerful position in the United States of America, but are still able to convince a majority of the nation's black population, rampant discrimination still exists against their advancement.

  And how is this accomplished? Primarily by using media stooges, led by MSNBC (staffed by a platoon of unlikely characters; even Hollywood writers might have difficulty in gathering together for a modern day 'Dirty Dozen.')  Only at MSNBC can a charlatan such as an unrefined and ignorant Al Sharpton rub shoulders with a snobbish mix of apparent affirmative action products, represented by the likes of Touré Neblett and Melissa Harris-Perry, and washed up has beens attempting desperately to hang on to the slightest bit of relevancy--Martin Bashir, Lawarance O'Donnell and Chris Matthews.  (Bashir has since departed).

     According to Jennifer Burke at Tea Party News Network, "It (The Tea Party) must be crushed and completely silenced. The radical progressive left’s disdain for and fear of the Tea Party movement is on full display with Schumer’s attack. His solutions to use the IRS and other government agencies to crush and weaken the movement are what you would expect in Communist China or the former Soviet Union, not in America." * 

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