Wednesday, January 22, 2014

“Some members of the media might think they can brainwash the public anytime they like, but I know they can’t. Not here. Not in the United States of America.” -- Marcus Luttrell

Luttrell's 2010 book was inspiration for the just recently released film "Lone Survivor."  In its opening weekend, the movie took in over $38 million dollars at the box office.

     Lone Survivor "tells the tragic story of a 2005 operation in which the three other members of Luttrell’s SEAL team, along with 17 other special ops warriors, were killed. The story turned on the team’s agonized decision to turn lose some Afghan goat herders who had stumbled onto its concealed position. As the SEALs had feared, the freed civilians went straight to the Taliban, precipitating the battle.

     While the movie recounts the fateful decision, it doesn’t explicitly tell the audience that a big part of deciding not to kill the goat herders was the certain knowledge that, “The media in the United States of America would crucify us,” in Luttrell’s words."*

     Liberals, and their siblings in the media, hate this film, if for not other reason than, it played to packed houses throughout the country.  All this support for a 'war-propaganda movie,' while at the same time Hollywood is betting all its chips on pathetic rubbish offerings like “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which earned a paltry $9 million in its third weekend.

     Keeping this in mind, we believe there is hope for a majority in this country, and echoing Luttrell, "some members of the media might think they can brainwash the public anytime they like, but I know they can't.  Not here.  Not in the United States of America."

       “And I am left feeling that no matter how much the drip-drip-drip of hostility towards us is perpetuated by the liberal press, the American people simply do not believe it. They are rightly proud of the armed forces of the United States of America. They innately understand what we do.” 
                                                         -- Marcus Luttrell *

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