Monday, November 16, 2015

He has a phone, and he has a pen, and STOMPY FOOT says he will close 'Gitmo' by executive order.

    Unless you have been vacationing on another planet for the past decade, you should know that  GITMO (Guantanamo Bay, located in Cuba) is a federal detention facility for unlawful combatants  captured in Iraq, Afghanistan,  and other locations wherever the war on terror is being waged.  And following the latest outrageous mass killings in Paris, France, that designation can be attached to almost anywhere on the face of this planet, until the cowardly band of blood thirsty fanatic killers, better know as ISIS is totally eliminated.

     Regardless of murderous atrocities taking place around the globe, President 'Stompy Foot' is determined to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, citing the exorbitant cost of running the prison and its use as a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations around the globe.*

     Anyone outside the Democrat Cult, including the American 'leftist media,' who honestly believes the GITMO facility is motivating terrorist organizations to use the running of that prison as a recruitment tool, is 'bat-shit' crazier than even Old Stompy Foot Soetoro. 

     According to the American Civil Liberties Union, "The prison has cost the American taxpayers nearly $5 billion since it opened in 2002, with an average price tag of around $495 million every year for the past five years." *

  GITMO -- Cost to American Taxpayers.....$5 Billion since it opened in 2002.....$495 Million every year.

--By Comparison--

Annual costs for supporting the White House exceed  $1.4 Billion**

     In addition, according to, 

     We expect our President and his family to be comfortably accommodated in a secure environment, but this class of moochers has reached a new high (or low, depending on your point of view), in fleecing the American people for every penny they can squeeze, before finally leaving the White House (better know to the Obamas as the land of milk and honey) at the end of Obama's second term in January of 2017.

     One very good example of blatant, in you face excessive family flaunting was exhibited on day one of the Obama's take over of the White House, when Michelle included her mother, Mariam Robinson, as part of the official family entourage. 

     Obama chastised critics of this inclusion of his mother-in-law, by stating that Granny was coming to live at the palace, because she would be acting as the Obama's nanny for Malia and Sasha.  Any reasonable American accepted that explanation.  These were the 'kids' in 2008, when Grandma assumed the role of 'million dollar nanny.'

     Well, the girls have probably long since outgrown their training bras, but Grandma is still claiming 'nanny' status.....right down to meeting with her subjects on the official Air Force One Red Carpet.







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