Friday, November 13, 2015

Skirting the edge of a shady legal system--The Democrat Cult's Presidential nomination process, appears to be RIGGED !!

Before even ONE American Democratic voter has an opportunity to cast their vote,
Hillary Rodham Capone Clinton

 already has enough SUPER DELEGATE VOTES
to win her so-called party's nomination to represent the
in the 2016 Presidential bogus election sham.

Is there any wonder why American citizens have lost complete confidence in this 21st century

Poor little rejected Democrat Sheep.....So loyal to the Cult.  Only to be turned away...ignored by the Grand Wizards of their Cult. Always there for the cause...Making it possible for the Chicago mob to have their shining moment...their first almost African American President.
And now, being completely ignored by the elitist masters.  Not even being extended an opportunity to cast a vote for the Cult's next hand-picked puppet.                                                                  

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