Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Would Democrat Cultist be laughing if 'the Granny in (actor) Paul Ryan's wheel chair' was named HILLARY?

 A new political video has been released by a leading Republican Presidential candidate's campaign, and some members of the Democrat Cult are outraged.


Why.....?  Because, 'the Granny' featured in this most recent political 'hit-video' happens to be one of their own.  Matter of fact, the cackling old granny happens to be HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON--the hand-picked, and anointed representative for the Democrat Cult's upcoming primary election charade.  

  Remember when the 
were in stitches when one of their video commercials 
depicted Congressman Paul Ryan
'rolling Granny over a cliff'
when his party suggested measures to SAVE the elderly health care program known as

thought this was hilarious.

You Tube:   TheAgendaProject

The only laugh surrounding anything bearing the 
'Clinton trademark' is the reality that Hillary and Bill are actually 'not doing time,' but instead are multi-millionaires at the expense of brain dead Americans who still identify with this evil cult, passing itself off as a credible political party.


The last laugh is on YOU, if you remain loyal to a political organization, which puts PARTY  CULT, before COUNTRY.

from:  sodahead.com

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