Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Obama wants average American citizens to read 'his' 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact

Memo to Barack Obama:  Most hard working Americans are probably a bit preoccupied with simply trying to put food on their family's table....Pay mortgages, car payments, INCREASED HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS, home/renters insurance, cost of raising their children,  and probably most importantly....shelling out a good portion of their hard earned wages in the form of Federal Income taxes, enabling you, and millions of other parasite government workers an opportunity to live a life of luxury, in comparison to their own. 

Here's the deal, Mr. Obama--YOU FIRST....YOU read the bill, (you know, just like you read your own AFFORDABLE Health Care Bill) and actually know what is contained in it, before you challenge the people you work for to give their blessing to what, most likely will amount to nothing more than an added expense to what remains of their already overly burdened lifestyle.  

If you Have NO Life, and would care to read Mister Obama's trade bill.....go here,
Read the Bill....and by all means, get back to Mister Obama,
and brief him on what HIS BILL contains. 

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