Tuesday, November 17, 2015

When America recognizes 'a cross dresser' as a hero, why should anyone be shocked by the new Barbie Doll Ad

Is this what every little American boy 
should be asking mommy and daddy for 
this Christmas?

 There was a time in America's history, per-feminization of the male population, when this is what was considered
SO FIERCE to little boys

You Tube:  DigThatBoxTOYS

In Obama's Transformed America we have been conditioned to accept..right is wrong,  inside out is outside in, white is black, up is down, and 'wrong,' is the new common sense.

You Tube:  Moschino Official


 For the first time, a boy is featured in a
Barbie Doll commercial

     According to the New York Post, "The war on the pink aisle continues.

     The newest ad for Barbie’s Moschino doll line features a new figure for the first time ever   

  a boy.

     “Moschino Barbie is so fierce!” the boy yells before placing a designer purse on the doll’s arm. The ad features him and two girls touting Mattel’s already popular line that includes clothes and accessories from the fashion designer Moschino.

     The ad, released earlier this month, is the latest in a series of steps to remove gender from toy shopping. Target made waves this year when it decided to stop labeling toys as for boys or girls,  simply using the term “kids” instead, while Hasbro’s Easy-Bake Oven moved to a gender-neutral product  a few years ago.  Keep reading here:


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