Thursday, November 26, 2015

His 17-year-old Daughter gets away with playing BEER PONG,* but daddy Obama only puts on the tough guy image when disciplining the American people. He then becomes Darth Vader.

This is probably how Barack Obama visualizes himself, as 'ruler' of over the American people.

However, and in reality, his own teenage daughter Malia, and most World Leaders, probably have a much different characterization of Obama and his entire Administration.

Chopped from: You Tube video  jv262002

There should be very little doubt concerning who is actually
wearing the big boy pants in the Obama White House.

Re: Beer Pong -- Eyewitnesses claim to have seen Malia playing beer pong with Brown University students in October, and when photos of her hit the internet her parents became quite upset.  Full Story at following link:

Wonder where 'Granny-Nanny' was, when all this juvenile delinquency was unfolding? 

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