Sunday, September 16, 2012

All bark and NO bite !!!

My attention was captured this morning by a headline from the Associated Press: "Iran commander warns Israel, US against attack"

TEHRAN (AP) - The top commander in Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard warned Sunday that his country's missiles will ensure "nothing will remain" of Israel if it takes military action against Tehran over its controversial nuclear program.

Of course this news story was authored by one,  ALI AKBAR DAREINI, therefore he must know first hand how really scary this 'goose-stepping' elite military force might be.  But immediately my mind's eye grabbed a bottle of Windex and did a little housework, cleaning up settled dust from the remains of a previously touted vision of another 'really scary' force.

Remember 'Baghdad Bob' and his stern warnings to Bush #1 about the severe consequences allied forces would face if they dared intercede on behalf of driving Iraqi troops out of Kuwait.  Actually the description of those 'goose-stepping' elite military forces--Iraq's powerful Republican Guard.  I'm gathering there is a pattern at work here--you know, if you yell loudly, someone will eventually hear you.  But then again, I also have a vivid memory of my disappointment when ToTo pulled back the curtain, and to my shock (and to the Tin Man, I might add) that scary voice of the Wizard was nothing more than an old geezer!

Okay, so I'm a bit off topic, but if you have forgotten the mighty Republican Guard, or perhaps you might not even been around, they were the guys who were actually surrendering to American news reporters and their camera crews.

And let us not forget that really, really scary sight of the powerful Republican Guard digging in and holding positions in Kuwait.  Actually, the powerful Republican Guard couldn't retreat fast enough, however the road back to Baghdad was littered with death and destruction.  And, this entire operation took, like 3 days???

 So with all due respect ALI AKBAR DAREINI, you'll have to pardon me if I'm not shuddering in my boots, fearing what you describe as a powerful Revolutionary Guard.
 Why not just say these guys are a really, really, really big bunch of 'meanies.'   

Might just carry a bit more weight, and actually have a different outcome for you guys.  Just a little friendly advice, but one would suppose, getting through to your Ahmadinejad is probably about as possible as us reasoning with you know who:

 No pun intended--Give it a shot, who knows!

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