Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Maybe now is the time to drop your Congressman a message with teeth in it !!

If you've never had an opportunity to actually meet your Unites States Congressional representative, perhaps now would be the perfect time to drop this civil servant a few lines and inform him/her to stop all funding previously headed to the Middle East, specifically Egypt and Libya.

The process is quite simple;  First, go here:  Enter your zip code and you will be directed to contact information for your Congressman/woman.

The message to my Congressman reads:

"The United States of America is broke, Congressman XXXXX.  Guess I'm not telling you something you don't know, considering 'you guys' control our nation's purse strings.

I have responded to each and every survey you sent my way.  Now I'm asking YOU to use common sense and STOP ALL MONIES EARMARKED FOR BOTH EGYPT AND LIBYA.  Anything less will be considered treasonous!  Sorry XXXX, nothing personal, but this madness must stop!"

If we the people do not take control immediately, I'm afraid tomorrow will be too late.  Don't want to sound overly dramatic folks, but the cards are on the table, with Two Jokers still in a deck of 52.  There is no room for jesters in the deck, nor should incompetents be included in this dangerous game.

While you're at it, perhaps this would be a good time to make contact with your State's two U-S Senators also.

.....and then there is this today 9-13-12 from the Weekly Standard:

Pelosi: I Still Support U.S. Aid to Egypt

Nancy Pelosi said that she opposes efforts to end U.S. aid to Egypt.

The United States will send $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt this year.
Consider all 'the good' that money would do Nancy, for all those poor down trodden slugs in America, you are always whining about.  All in a days work until you and the hubby get together at night and thumb through your portfolios--even the un-reported millions you have stashed away for that rainy day.

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