Saturday, September 8, 2012

Say what you will, this 'relationship' is just, downright CREEPY!


If you have ever been 'in love,' you know this look....unfortunately, no one has been able to determine just what that look really means.  If you could somehow crawl into Valerie Jarrett's brain, you might be surprised to interpret your findings as not a desire for physical love, but more of an idolization of someone; probably someone we mere mortals would rather not include in our lives, or that of our family, friends or anyone we value and hold dear.

This final photo is included solely to emphasize how the massive web woven by doctrines of past relationships amongst these players is truly unnerving.  The sweet little old lady pictured here, Barbara Bowman, Valarie's mom.  And somehow, even she has found herself a tidy little niche in Obama's circle; serving as a consultant in his Education department.  Rubber-stamped all over unseen places of this woman's body, you will probably find fading impressions of a Communist romanticism, but make no mistake, apples don't fall too far from the tree, so be assured, dear daughter Val is working diligently, maybe even overtime, to sustain life in this wonderful cause.

Following links contain two must read articles to better inform you about what is truly going on inside our White House, and perhaps an insight into who is actually 'in charge.'

Perhaps what was envisioned as an eternal love affair with the American media and Barack Obama, actually may now be balancing on a 3-inch diameter tight-wire (well, you can't expect the oceans to part overnight).
Liberal columnist Maureen Dowd, commenting in the New York Times opines on Obama's Convention whining about the insurmountable latitude of the country's economic woes.  In part, Dowd observes with this:
…We’re so lame. We were na├»ve, brimming with confidence that we could slow the rise of the oceans, heal the planet, fix the cracks in the Capitol dome.
We never should have let the Congressional Democrats run wild with their stimulus spending on pork that didn’t even create the right kinds of jobs.
And finally, this zinger, which coincidentally dove-tails so nicely with our above observations about Valerie Jarrett.
He gave it to us straight: It’s not me, it’s you.
…Maybe we relied too much on Valerie Jarrett, a k a the Night Stalker and Keeper of the Essence.  

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