Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sandra Fluke can't afford to pay for her own contraceptives, and now this woman can't shell out 10 bucks a month for a Cell Phone!

     Many of you may have witnessed that 'low-life, Obama supporting *hag,' bragging about the FREE CELL PHONE she has, and all 'thanks to the generosity of Barack Hussein Obama. 
                                                          Actually, Mister 'loose with your dollars,' Obama has absolutely nothing to do with this 'crow' sticking her hands in your pocket and lifting whatever might be left of your meager stash!

If you look at your next/current phone bill/statement, you will see a 'charge' described as "Universal Connectivity Fee (Universal Service Fund).  Fortunately the good people at the phone company are good enough to provide us with an explanation of this additional charge tagged on as our contribution, which at the end of the day,  is actually a reflection of THEIR charitable generosity.
"Because telephones provide a vital link to emergency services, to government services and to surrounding communities, it has been our nation’s policy to promote telephone service to all households since this service began in the 1930s. The USF helps to make phone service affordable and available to all Americans, including consumers with low incomes, those living in areas where the costs of providing telephone service is high, schools and libraries and rural health care providers."

     If you are anything like me, the aforementioned explanation for digging into my pockets for more loose change is total 'Bulls*it!
Just another way of elaborating on Barack Obama's philosophy of 'spreading the wealth around.'  Unfortunately, in this case they are indeed 'robbing the already overburdened poor-to-middle-class, in order to give to the already overly compensated parasites among us, who do absolutely nothing productive as their contribution for living in this country.

     But wait, (as they say in those late night infomercials), there's more:
"Congress has mandated that all telephone companies providing interstate service must contribute to the USF. Although not required to do so by the government, many carriers choose to pass their contribution costs on to their customers in the form of a line item, often called the “Federal Universal Service Fee” or “Universal Connectivity Fee”.

     Unless I am reading this last paragraph incorrectly, wouldn't any rational   thinking person interpret this to mean, 'the government is ordering the phone company to provide FREE communication services to the poor and under-privileged, but the Phone Company is passing that charge onto all its PAYING customers.  You are left with the impression, not all phone companies actually pass this fee along to their customers, but rather provide the service at their own expense.  'Many carriers CHOOSE to pass THEIR contributions costs on to THEIR customers in the form of a line item.'

     Seems to me, according to the way this is written, you and I, being THEIR customers, SHOULD BE ABLE TO OPT OUT OF CHOOSING to contribute to something THEY have been ordered to pay.

     So you see Joe (the plumber), this is just another clandestine method Barack Obama and his hoods have conceived to SPREAD YOUR WEALTH AROUND!

*Do any of you believe I'm being a bit harsh by labeling this woman, a 'low-life Obama supporting hag?'  She certainly appears to be receiving proper nutrition--slightly on the plump side, but very healthy in appearance.  Don't see any patches on that spiffy blue wind breaker, so she might have been an early arriver at the community clothes drive.  And by golly, she comes across as a down-right fun-loving person, so what the heck...don't we all feel better now!  Damn, I'm beginning to sound like a Liberal!!!!!!!!

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