Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jeffery, take your faded Obama posters and get out of Mom's basement!

     If you are a resident of Florida, or any other part of the country with an elderly population, you probably can repeat, word for word, this radio ad blasting Romney and Paul Ryan for their solutions to Medicare problems.

     In this S.E.I.U sponsored commercial, a stereo-typed 'granny,' phones her son Jeffery, asking about Republican's 'plan to end' Medicare.  Poor mom--she's so confused, she is forced to call her son Jeffery for his advice--(actually I'm confused; Jeffery no doubt still lives in mom's basement; why not just quiz junior when delivering his morning Cheerios).
      Every so-called senior citizen should be totally insulted by these and other demeaning scare tactics employed by Democrats and their surrogates.  Judge for yourself:

Man:  Hello?
Mom:  Jeffrey, it’s your mother.
Man:  Hey mom, how are you?
Mom:  I’m good.
Man:  What ya doing?
Mom: Well I’ve been watching TV all day but it’s been making my head spin.

Man:  What’ya mean?
Mom: All these ads about Medicare, it’s very confusing.
Man: I’ve read about it, what do you want to know?
Mom: What’s the truth about Romney and Ryan?
Man: Well the Romney Ryan plan does essentially end Medicare, that’s what the Wall Street Journal said.
Mom: I don’t like the sound of that.
Man: What I read said seniors would wind up paying over $6000 dollars more per year.
Mom: That’s a fortune to me.
Man: And Romney would make drastic cuts to Medicaid too, you know two-thirds of seniors rely on Medicaid for nursing home care?
Mom: Boy, that’s scary.
Man: Here mom, I’m on my computer, go to this website, Medicare Romney Ryan Dot Com and have a look for yourself.
Mom:  Okay hon, take care.

     Fortunately, Jeffery is standing guard to bring his apparent brain dead mother up to date on Medicare woes.

      Too bad Jeffery was AWOL from his basement 'pad,' when the Obama Administration wasted no time in FREEZING Social Security increases* for a two year period, shortly after taking office.

     *For the first time since automatic COLAs (Cost of Living Adjustments) were instituted in 1975, Social Security beneficiaries did not receive cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) in 2010 and 2011.  In other words, for TWO full years, seniors, like good old Jeffery's mom, did not see one penny added to her already meager annual income.  How much did that cut in mom's benefits amount to Jeffery.  Apparently that action did not offend, or concern you--of course not, it happened under a newly elected Democratic President.

     Actually Jeffery was not alone as he watched dear old, destitute mom open a can of Friskie's cat food, to enjoy her rationed one meal of the day. And where was AARP?  Why weren't S.E.I.U members marching on Washington protesting this injustice enveloping old goats like me?  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Reverends Jackson/Sharpton, dancing Vaginas, Madonna, Cher, Bill Mahar, nags at The View, Gloria Allred, and of course, no list of hypocrites would be complete without 'old shiver up his leg, Chris Matthews.'  CRICKETS, CRICKETS, CRICKETS.

     November 6th can not arrive soon enough for me and my fellow greys here in God's waiting room.  How unfortunate for Jeffery--should have taken Romney/Ryan's advice on how to fix and maintain these now, necessary entitlement programs, instead of clinging to 'Hope and Change' bedtime stories.
  Oh well, dear old destitute mom and I won't be around.....
Your problem, Jeffery! 


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