Thursday, September 20, 2012

The REAL 'Bob' Casey died 12 years ago.

Robert Patrick "Bob" Casey, Sr. (January 9, 1932—May 30, 2000)
 Governor of Pennsylvania  January 20, 1987 – January 17, 1995

     If the 'Real' Bob Casey were alive today, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania would probably be in much better economic shape than it unfortunately is today.  And with the exception of his hardline opposition to abortion, he most likely would be looked upon as a Democrat's Democrat.  However, unlike Democrats of today, you would be very hard pressed in finding any semblance of meanness in this man.  Very popular with his constituents in Pennsylvania and respected by his party, until receiving black sheep status, because of his anti-abortion stance, and blocked from speaking at the 1992 Democratic National Convention.
     No one would deny, respect for this man crossed party lines and both sides of the political aisle agreed, no man could be expected to reach expectations more for citizens of his State and Country, than the 'Real' Bob Casey.

     Which brings us to today and another Bob Casey; Son of the former Governor and currently serving as one of Pennsylvania's United States Senators in Washington.  Most sons will agree, walking in the shadow of your father is not always an easy road to travel, but when your dad glowed with such a bright aura of character, surely the challenge is elevated to the highest reaches.  

     With all due respect, Senator Bob Casey has certainly been unable, and quite frankly incapable, of approaching his father's shadow of a man who represents all the people in his State.   Simply stated, Casey is nothing more than a lap-dog for President Barack Obama.

       "Casey supported President Obama 93 percent of the time in 2011, 98 percent of the time in 2010, and 97 percent of the time in 2009, according to CQ Roll Call."

     Obama is, without doubt or challenge, archenemy of the coal industry, yet his biggest cheer leader in Pennsylvania appears to be Bob Casey.  "Obama's hostility to coal is depriving Americans of a cheap, abundant (resource)." When coal was king in Northeastern Pennsylvania, MILLIONS of tons of coal were mined throughout that region.  Conservative estimates claim there are at least (7)  SEVEN BILLION tons untapped and being held captive, because of Barack Obama's zealous and naive ideology.  His Administration's Environmental Protection Agency has literally handcuffed the Anthracite coal industry, wherever it may be located in this country, but primarily in coal-rich Pennsylvania.

      Pennsylvanians, and all Americans should have an aggressive, stalwart leader in Washington, D.C.  Someone who represents THEIR interests, rather than someone overwhelmed with blind adoration, and merely serving as a rubber stamping jester, performing at President Obama's whim!

     Incidentally, along the way, this Senator has acquired the distinction of being one of the most INEFFECTIVE legislators in the United States Senate.  According to the Washington Free Beacon,  "Casey has sponsored 199 bills in the 112th Congress, and not a single one has become law.  Casey has now sponsored 324 consecutive bills that have not been enacted into law, a streak dating back to April 20, 2007—just three months after he took office following a 2006 electoral victory over Rick Santorum."

     If the 'REAL' Bob Casey were still around, chances are he might seriously consider voting for his son's Republican challenger, Tom Smith who like the elder Casey, believes in representing ALL Pennsylvanians, and working to bring economic stability back to the United States of America.

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  1. Oh SNAP. you stated so eloquently what a lot of us Pennsylvanians are thinking!

    nice going!


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