Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is this guy 'up to?'

Donald Trump

     Previous blog entries at this website have been quite unflattering towards this guy, who apparently enjoys simply being dubbed, The Donald, by mostly plastic, pretentious female television scatterbrains.  Rosie, Oprah, and yes even Barbra WaWa claw their way to the top of this distinction ladder.

     Haven't really heard much from this guy lately, and when a pompous, self-loving and highly opinionated (usually about himself) person such as Trump is quiet and out of the spot-light for even a few days, you might begin to wonder what the hell he's up to.  Last mention seen recently was very critical of Donald and, in my opinion, the most biting comments to date, scorning him as a 'Birther,' when continuing to question hazy information surrounding Barack Obama.

     Perhaps the usual liberal pundits can get a pass when making fun of 'Uncle' Joe Arpaio, as he scans the bowels of uncharted crevices for weaker cracks in 'Obama's Story,' but you just don't call people like Trump, a wack-job!

     Agreed, Arpaio does have his 'Cold-case posse,' and probably not a unit to be messed with, but my guess is when you taunt someone like Trump, with his tremendous fortune, you are simply begging for him to track down someone with unquestionable credibility, who will be carrying a hammer and stake when he is summoned to spill his guts on 'the real Obama.'

     I've probably been playing around too long at the deep end of the pool, but my thinking is, there are some things and people which are just off limits--'It's not nice to fool Mother NatureYou don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you certainly don't Call this Mutha Trump, a wack-job!'

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