Friday, September 21, 2012

This is about as close as you will see a Liberal placing their Right Hand over their Heart, as in 'Pledging Allegiance '

     The other night when appearing on a late night talk show, President Obama was asked by the host, David Letterman, about the current National Debt figure.  Whether Obama was being his usual jovial self, or actually was sincere is quite difficult to separate these days.  In any event, Barack Obama claimed he did not know the figure.  16 Trillion, Mister President--and you know damn well what it is, and quite honestly why it will be your Waterloo.

     Lately, simpletons on the Looney Left have adopted some clever little display of channeling their support for your policies and re-election:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Jessica Alba

Adolf Axelfraud--downright creepy
Jim Messina-Now this guy is totallly Creepy

Anyway, to illustrate the absurdity and immaturity of this Obama crowd, Texas Governor Rick Perry Tweeted in to remind Barack Obama about the current National Debt

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