Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seems like just yesterday when Americans trusted the Media

Jim Lehrer of PBS, scheduled to lead 1st 2012 Presidential Debate
     Is Jim Lehrer of PBS, who has moderated 11 of the past 35 Presidential Debates, really so professional at what he does? Are we to believe, Sesame Street fans have joined ranks with the Occupy Wall Street gang, and are clamoring for his return time after time?  Maybe by popular demand of Kermit and Miss Piggy, or perhaps, as some speculate, allegedly because, and only perhaps, he deals his best hand to the Democrat candidate...in this case, of course, Barack Obama.

     Coincidentally, Leherer also moderated the first Presidential debate in 2008 between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain

     Someone told me, they got word from some person's brother-in-law in St. Louis, who passed along the message to a milkman in Dayton who heard from some guy, (something similar to Harry Reid hearing from a mythical spirit about Mitt Romney not paying his Federal Income taxes for numerous years)...Now, I'm not entirely certain this buzz is true, but "IT IS OUT THERE," during this very crucial debate, a special set-up line reportedly was agreed upon by handlers from the Obama campaign and an 'insider' for the debate.

     In any event, 'this guy says,' "The timing of the line’s use was to be signaled by the moderator himself to candidate Obama."*

     If the accusations are indeed, even remotely noteworthy, would you not assume this alleged illicit conduct of cheating would, and should have been investigated as blatant collusion between the Obama campaign and ultimately, "MISTER MOST POPULAR MODERATOR HIMSELF',  JIM LEHRER.  (Lehrer defenders will most certainly insist their 'news boy,' is as clean as the wind blown snow, but you can not have it both ways without the moderator 'being a part of this ploy.'  Remember, to pull off this charade, "the line’s use was to be signaled by the moderator himself to candidate Obama.")*
     Ultimately, one most important question begs to be answered by these alleged cheating Democrats and producers of this cycle's events,  WILL HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF?
Lehrer, CNN's Crowley and CBS's Schieffer
     Have no fear, because if old Jim is light on the pepper, no doubt one of the other two (more Liberal) debate moderators will be there to add their own personal unbiased ingredients to the pot.


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