Monday, September 24, 2012

Staying ahead of the pack!

     When this blog took on a life of its own several years ago, it was my intention to entertain and inform those who were kind enough to take time out of their busy lives and read the thoughts of a counterpart.

     Prior to Obiter Dictum, there was a fore runner blog-brother, if you will, entitled simply "Greefire."  The name evolved from a former business, where I took refuge for some 15 years in Pennsylvania.

     After moving to Florida, and changing internet providers, the "Greenfire" data was sent packing (somewhere out there in the world wide web), therefore leading to a new beginning--a new blog, Obiter Dictum and with a different assignment.  Granted, we are no competition for sites like Drudge Report, but I am proud in bragging about our over 15,000 people 'taking a look,' since opening for business.

     Staying ahead of the curve has always been my pursuit; hoping to bring you, my readers, little tidbits of information and occasionally breaking news, but at the end of the day, staying ahead of the pack.

     Unfortunately I did not intentionally select the current direction this blog has taken; namely what seems like a daily Obama report, but because we are so close to a most important election, it has become necessary to bring all sorts of Presidential  election related news to my readers.

     A very good example of Obiter Dictum being ahead of the curve came with a blog entry less than one year after Barack Obama assumed the office of President of the United States.  His words, actions and outlook for this country, did not in any way align themselves with what I was taught to believe as an American citizen.  Quite frankly, he seemed to be approaching his new position with more of a dictatorial attitude, rather than a public servant.  So with a little humor, speckled with a whole lot of truth I made this entry: October 16, 2009

     If you don't recognize the aircraft, of course it is Air Force One, with a fairly new Commander in Chief ascending the stairway to this mammoth piece of modern machinery.  Nothing really unusual about a picture like this; many prior Presidents
probably were pictured making a similar climb, thousands of time with those photos appearing without notice or mention.  However, with this man, it just seemed different to me.  Other Presidents seemed to view this beautiful aircraft as a borrowed luxury, compliments of the American taxpaying public.  But for this guy, it was not the same.  In my mind, if he could, at that very moment, he would have replaced that venerated Presidential seal with a 'Big "O"', symbolizing his new found power.  Screaming in silence, I AM NOW IN COMMAND!

     I'd like to think my caption was almost prophetic:


     Why do I bring this golden oldie back for review?  Just recently the Obama Campaign committee actually had the audacity to offer the following for sale on its official Re-elect Barack Obama campaign website:

     Due to public outrage criticizing this desecration of our American Flag, this is what you will find if attempting to purchase the 'Obama Flag' at their website:


Let us finish cleaning up this mess on November 6, 2012, by sending an adult and, an irrefutable patriotic American President back to OUR White House.

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