Sunday, September 2, 2012

Peddlers of the Obama brand, can go back to selling SHAM-WOWs

     Turns out the so-called 'Obama Machine,' was nothing more than a loser Ronco product ploy.

     Just like the cheap crap which no serious consumer would actually 'buy off the shelf' in their local Walmart.  The makers of Obama bought a product produced somewhere in an Indonesian country, hoping to pass it off to unsuspecting buyers as first class, American made.  You know, looks like the real deal, but after a few months actual usage, breaks and is of no further value.  Rather than discarding this defective and cheaply made product, just like 'Ronco,' the makers of this Obama 'second,' believe if they sweeten the deal by doubling the quantity, it somehow makes their piece of junk more appealing.

     Any wise consumer recognizes this scam, quicker than you can say SHAM-WOW, but makers of the Obama machine, cousins to Carni-Side-Show freaks, know they can always depend on those who can least afford the expense, to get suckered in by their usual pitch.  Oh sure, they will 'give' you two (terms) of Obama, but in the end, you pay significantly more by just 'adding additional shipping and handling.'

     Granted, there are buyers who swear by their SHAM-WOW, but did you really ever need TWO?

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