Thursday, September 20, 2012

If Obama had a record to celebrate, does anyone really think we'd be subjected to 'dancing vaginias!'

     Admittedly, I am probably among a minority commenting from the Right, who views the current Presidential climate in total meltdown for those in the Liberal/Progressive Democratic Party.

     Arriving at this conclusion is actually quite simple, especially after one has been observing political weather vanes for so many years, as I have.

     Number one indicator Leftists are feeling the heat, and not on the Right (as blaring headlines beg you to believe) simply observe the Liberal media as it is now playing full-court-press.  They are now in the final stretch and coming to grips with the shocking truth; their candidate has absolutely no record to celebrate in the upcoming debates.

     The Democrats and President Obama have enjoyed a normal 10 point handicap throughout this race in most political polling.  Why?  Because a majority of so-called polling groups are 'front groups,' setting the tone and questioning for any 'random poll,' in such a way that the outcome is premeditated.  Whichever way a person answers, the outcome will always favor Democrats, and of course, Obama.

     Meanwhile, Mitt Romney enters the debates with the deck stacked against him.  All televised Presidential debates are being hosted by Liberal-leaning, if not self-professed Liberal moderators.  "A good moderator will not only conduct the debate itself without prejudice, he or she will set up the stage with fairness in mind, making sure one speaker is not at a technical disadvantage."* (I am reminded of how ABC's George Stephanopoulos, alias Bill Clinton lap puppy, conveniently inserted the wildly outrageous issue of 'War on Women,' into the Republican debates).  This was just a prelude to months of distraction away from the real issues, and kept Republicans on the defensive, beleaguered by Georgie's cohorts with brainless questions about 'why Mitt Romney refused to stay out of women's vaginas,' rather than focusing on a national 16 Trillion debt and how each of the candidates plan on resolving our current disastrous economic position.
If you're keeping score; Obama-- "Two, love, new set."

     Returning to my point about the Leftist media in meltdown;  Simply look at daily headlines featured on some of their loonie, and most popular 'hack-joints.'  Probably without doubt, the king of loons is MSNBC's Chris Matthews,

 who just the other day opened his Obama lovefest, by singing 'If I were a rich man,' apparently attempting to humor their Romney-Rich-man-hating-audience.  Only problem; Matthews himself is A RICH Man, worth millions.

     Matthews is merely a simple-minded example of their entire lot on the left.  Day in and day out, night after night, we view and bear witness to a deluge of verbal diarrhea spewing from their mouths about how Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to strip granny of her Medicare and take away Social Security.  Those rich SOBs!  And all of this dribble is lapped up by brain-dead slubs who are too mentally lazy to do some personal research in a quest to uncover for themselves, the truth. 

     Whether you agree with me or not, Matthews and his colleagues are also in retreat.  As Obama and the Democrats go, so goes those news outlets who carried on this 'slobbering love affair,' with a bunch of losers! With the Democrats totally out of the political picture for, at least four years, can and will mean financial disaster for already struggling and melting parasitic puppets.


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