Friday, September 28, 2012

America's weirdos will be lost without 'their leader,' now in Washington

Corrupt News media
Left Wing manipulated Poll results
Hollywood Celebrity Big Dollar Extravaganzas
even, shivers up one's leg
cannot deny this
*Think people; Donald Trump--been kinda quiet lately. Trump is probably accustomed to being called a variety of unflattering names throughout his professional life.  But when left-wingers try to make this guy out to be some sort of a kook, primarily because he made the unholy mistake of asking Barack Obama to come clean with Americans and provide the many documents, this President, unlike others before him, has chosen to seal and surround with a shield, barring anyone to view.  These actions by the President have only added to conspiracy theorist charging more emphatically that he is not who he makes out to be and therefore, is adding credence to their suspicions.  Trump has elected to throw his support behind Mitt Romney, and in doing so, made comments paralleling those riding the conspiracy wagons into town.
     Personally, I am not a fan of Donald Trump, however one must respect what this man has accomplished.  And when you have two bit politicians and wanna-be Hollywood celebrities calling him vulgar names for 'choosing sides,' well.  I live by the old credo--it's not nice to fool Mother Nature, and you surely don't tug on Superman's cape, especially when his pockets are filled with unlimited gold coins, available to finance behind the scenes investigations into that man, harboring all those secrets.
**Think groups; my current favorite, The New Black Panther Party (just any mention of that 'wimpy' name and it sends a cold shiver up my spine--NOT)! If 
 there ever was a bigger bunch of 'panty-waist-sissies,' I'm still searching. The most intimidating display these cowards were able to manage,  was their big-time appearance in front of a Philadelphia polling place in 2008.  Nothing scares 'little old granny-type white ladies  more more than two black guys wearing berets, sporting Captain Marvel outfits and slapping night sticks into their palms.  Although, I will admit, they probably advanced to be TSA agents at Philadelphia International Airport, following the "Get the Brother Obama elected gig!"
     Seriously, demonstrations by groups such as the Panthers, ACORN and, of course, what rant would be complete without including the ladies dressed in pink vagina body suits, do nothing more than strengthen the resolve of those on the Right, if for no other reason than to bring some decency back to our great country.  The trash out of Hollywood, and the freaks 'occupying Wall Street,' are all the more reason for good, honest, patriotic Americans to get to the polls, elect an adult in the form of Mitt Romney and put and end to this daily charade by meddling nonconformists and weirdos!

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