Sunday, September 30, 2012

Does anyone think, Robert Byrd ever thought of himself as a RACIST?

Corrupt News media
Left Wing manipulated Poll results
Hollywood Celebrity Big Dollar Extravaganzas
even, shivers up one's leg
cannot deny this

* Think the brave men and women serving this country in all corners of this planet. Each and every day, there are comrades among their ranks, who without question make the ultimate sacrifice to keep stability in this world and maintain peace and freedom for their fellow citizens back home.  They come in all colors, sizes and gender.  To them, on the battle field, they are all one and the same.  Meanwhile, back home:
 ** Think those who seek to divide, by using whatever devices necessary to drive a wedge between brother and sister Americans.  During this latest Presidential campaign they have revived a time tested Democrat Party technique for bringing about division; RACE.  Anyone without the word Liberal stamped on their ass, in their opinion is a George Wallace RACIST--sorry, Wallace was a Democrat.  Try the late West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd--sorry, Byrd also was a Democrat and proud card carrying member of the KKK.  But then, by pointing these facts out to you, suppose I'm actually removing my mask and showing how RACIST I can be.
      Learning to fight fire with fire is a most effective way of dealing with Liberals.
     They play a dangerous game with their Ouji Board mentality, methodically sliding a game piece, hovering over a series of letters and numbers, until by some mystical power they have learned to use 'the force' to spell words labeling an entire segment of our population as Racists.
     Strange as it may seem, most of these aspiring transcendental gurus, fail to recognize looking into what the future reflects is most often a two way mirror.  And ironically, the person they do not detect or see on the other side, is in a better position to observe, not one with 'the force,' but more likely a weak individual, lacking control, not only of the game he purports to have mastered so effectively, but more importantly failing to comprehend his own inability to hide what he wrongly accuses others of being.
     Liberals effectively use the issue of race to promote their own agendas, by keeping minorities 'in their place.'  They buy loyalty with any number of social programs.  Just as the Indians sold Manhattan for a few bucks, under privileged blacks and other minority groups are bought off with a cheap, no doubt made in China, $10 cell phone.
     Ultimately, that is what our freedom is now worth--a lousy technological piece of Chinese made junk.  But why not; how appropriate--they buy our debt and sell back to us the fruits of that country's slave labor force.  
     Liberals would have it no other way.  And 'the way' to them, obviously is that mythical land Barack Obama and his other con artist friends in the Democratic Party, have waiting for their many bought and paid for subservient brain washed devotees!
     All things considered, Liberals eventually lose.  When all's said and done, recipients of  'their generosity' realize the phone was crap, and incidentally, who's gonna be around to give me a new battery when this one goes dead!

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