Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Democratic National Convention or Bringing in the Plantation Folk

     The Democratic National Convention being held in Charlotte, North Carolina this week may not be a replay of the great 'KLANBAKE'* of 1924, but with a few costume changes, one can actually get a feel for the event, if for no other reason, than to recognize the overwhelming alleged diversity of today's self-anointed party of the people.

     However, instead of white hooded WASPY men running around the convention center, burning kerosene-drenched crosses, it is more likely you'll see a garrison of wanna-be-tough-guys wearing black military-style garb, passing themselves off as members of the New Black Panther Party.  Quite frankly, I still miss good-time- days of the old Black Panther Party, but as they say, 'another story, for another day.'

     Speaking of wanna-be-tough-guys, we would be remiss by overlooking those whacky Code Pink gals.  Yeah, they're the ones running around in those body outfits, supposedly designed to duplicate a giant vagina.  Looking at most of these old crows, one would conclude, wearing a costume really wasn't necessary--the real deal, probably would have better served their crotch on display parade, albeit more likely to scare the kids.  There are those who speculate an appearance by the big 'Pink's' idol, Nancy Pelosi, however she still hasn't recovered after gallivanting around the Capitol grounds with her big stick in hand, or wherever.  Plus, word is, her Vagina garb is in dry cleaning!

     And if cleaning is what you are looking for, make no mistake, Richard Trumka and his Union tugs are sure to turn out in full force to clear the way for their celestial being, BHO.  It still has not been confirmed if the Jimmy Hoffa tribute will go on as scheduled.  Legions of goons are still out in the field attempting to dig up material for that testimonial.

     No matter how you view this extravaganza, with their cast of dysfunctional characters, by weeks end, there will be no lack of excitement for Obama's media puppets to cover--probably more-so outside on the plantation, than amongst the white-hooded bootlickers inside.

*held at the Madison Square Garden in New York City from June 24 to July 9, took a record 103 ballots to nominate a presidential candidate. It was the longest continuously running convention in United States political history. It was the first major party national convention that saw the name of a woman, Lena Springs, placed in nomination for the office of Vice President. It was also known for the strong influence of the Ku Klux Klan. -- Wikipedia


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