Sunday, December 2, 2012

BE HONEST...Are most Americans able to identify with these EXTREMELY wealthy people? *

Probably the one name which leaps from this page, and screams for further scrutiny is none other than our old friend.....wait for it.....NANCY PELOSI--Democratic Congress 'person' from California.
 Pelosi's Net Minimum Worth is reportedly--$5,946,075.00, however, this champion of the people--common ordinary, working stiff 'Joe,' has a reported Net Maximum Worth of--$196,299,990.00

     Here we have one of our newer acquaintances, SUSAN RICE, who if not for the BENGHAZI murders, probably would have gone unnoticed or unrecognized in that irrelevant institution in New York City, more commonly  known as the United Nations.                                                                                    
    Susan Rice, the woman occupying the obscure (although very important sounding) position of United States Ambassador to the United Nations, according to (2009) last available figures, has a Net Minimum Worth of--from $23,521,177 to $43,543,009.00 This figure ranking Susan Rice as the richest member of Barack H. Obama's Executive branch.
Oh--Least we forget our dearest President himself 
     Granted, in comparison to the previously identified high rollers, is literally 'small fish.'  But no doubt, a few bucks more than the 'common folks' he has been elected to SERVE....figures from 2011 reveal the following Net Worth for our commander in chief:  From $1,566,014 to $7,764,999   
     But hold on folks, before your start sharing your 'pity pills' with this down on his luck servant of the people, consider how bright his future is surely to be.  Consider this guy: old Bubba probably came to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with nothing more than a six pack and a box of beef jerkys, but after eight years of dedicated service to the people of this country (and let's not forget his Impeachment)--according to website, The Richest** --just plain old William Jefferson has an estimated net worth of $80,000,000.00
Not too shabby for a good old down home country boy from Hope, Arkansas 
     Should there be any wonder why these devoted and purpousful human beings spend literally billions of other people's dollars to sit in these most prestigious positions.  But of course, for no other reason that to serve YOU and ME.
     So I ask....WHY ARE YOU the sucker amongst those pictured here?      
*Financial data displayed on this page obtained from the following website, which we enthusiastically encourage every reader to review and distribute to other concerned and united Americans, dedicated to saving this country for future generations.

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