Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wham v Psy: Last Christmas Gangnam style--THE TELEGRAPH

What is a 'Psy?'
     Psy is a South Korean pop singer who has invaded America with his 'smash hit' “Gangnam Style.” 

     Situating myself before a computer monitor, for what seems like 23 1/2 hours a day, no doubt has contributed to a vast knowledge of topics normal people do not possess, nor would they have the slightest interest.  (Last night I actually discovered that termites farting contributes more to 'global warming' than any single supplemental factor).  Before you turn your nose up on that bit of information, consider another worthless particle of news, however having about equal interest as production of farts;  Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist has officially switched his political party affiliation from Republican/Independent to Democrat.  This may be coincidence, but this news comes on the very same day the Supreme Court will take up the issue of Same Sex Marriage????

     Anyway, back to this 'Psy' guy.  Word is that he hated America, but now that he realizes fame and fortune can be his if he says he made a mistake, and now changes his tune and expresses sorta lukewarm kinda liking America, everything is nice now.

     How wrong I was thinking there was nothing worth writing about this morning...when you connect the dots--Psy, farts and Charlie Crist--you probably have the conception of an award winning literary composition.

     And what's the beef against Psy?  Word on the street is that he has been involved in several anti-American protest performances.  Big deal, considering the entire make-up of American entertainment/media Liberal society hates this country, but that is a ticket to the top.  My advice to Psy--continue hating America...who knows someday you might even take an interest in American politics and run for President of the United States.  Oh, and don't let that silly issue about not being an American citizen stand in your way.  Never stopped Barry from pursuing his somebody's dreams of becoming leader of the free world!

Listen to the damn song!

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