Monday, December 17, 2012

'The Story Tellers"-- More in common than anyone can ever imagine           Soon to be just plain Jane private citizen, Hillary Rodham will once again morph into playing the role of Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton. And then of course, HELL WILL FREEZE OVER!

     And like two gold-laden treasure ships passing silently in the night, John (Kohn/Löwe) Kerry will, if Barack Obama has his way, become the next U-S Secretary of State.

     Actually, this is a perfect transition, considering how much these two headline grabbing figures have in common.

     Hillary in her own rite, can probably be considered a self-made woman, but one has to ask, would Ms. Rodham be a household name today, if she did not have such cunning perception in choosing a life-long mate in the form of a compatible companion named William Jefferson Clinton.

     Eight years of endless cocktail parties and State dinners was hardly something someone with Hillary's ambition was willing to relinquish,  and head back to baking Betty Crocker cookies for Bill in some secluded retirement retreat kitchen.

     So what followed is common knowledge--eight years as a U-S Senator from the stepping-stone-to-the-White House State of New York and after that didn't go quite as planned, her knight in tarnished armor Bill, saved the day, and forcibly had her installed as Obama's Secretary of State.     Problem with this scenario--Hillary has trouble with knowing what is, and what is not the truth.  As first lady, she feigned her way through questionable personal financial investments.  She even fabricated origin of her name, claiming the moniker 'Hillary,' from Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.  And then as a Presidential Candidate, a tale of her plane coming under sniper fire when visiting Bosnia in 1996, because 'her husband, President Clinton, could not go because they were "too dangerous."  There have been many similar examples of Hillary Rodham's difficulty in dealing with the truth throughout the years, too numerous to mention here, however the most blatant and repugnant was her direct role in handling the murderous atrocity in Benghazi Libya on September 11 of this year.

     Traveling the road of a Gold Digger is not always easy.  However if your name is John (Kohn/Löwe) Kerry, you really do not have these concerns.  To a degree, one might even consider his surname a fabrication.  Probably one of the few times you will not have the Emerald Isle claiming rights to a long-lost-status-seeking-favorite-son!  The surname Kerry, reportedly was claimed by his paternal grandparents, "Fritz Kohn" and "Ida Löwe"  which "according to family legend, Fritz and another family member opened an atlas at random and dropped a pencil on a map. It fell on County Kerry in Ireland, and thus a name was chosen."  Perhaps motivation might have been out of necessity when Fritz changed the family name, but history usually rewards winners in our society with an option to reclaim, if for no other reason than pride, a resurrection of the earlier relinquished  honored surname.  One might assume the Irish roots charade proved to be too profitable for John (Kohn/Löwe) Kerry to revert back to a nomenclature, drawing attention to his family origins, especially in an Irish treasure-trove mecca like Massachusetts--the State he has represented as a U-S Senator for over 25 years.

     Along the way, Kerry apparently had his share of issues with recognizing what is and is not, totally the truth.  His bid for the White House was even toppled, in part because of questionable stories surrounding his mostly self-proclaimed Viet Nam heroics.  Two marriages later and Kerry can reflect on his past, living a posh life surrounded by wealth and prestige.  His current spouse, Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira (Za Za Gabor) Heinz, previously married to another United States Senator, John Heinz, and heir to the Heinz (as in Ketchup) family fortune, paired up with Kerry following the untimely and tragic death of her first Senator husband.  Few dispute the fact that it was the Heinz Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira (Za Za Gabor) fortune which prompted Kerry's presidential aspirations and eventual bid.  And perhaps can also be blamed for his eventual defeat--running as a working-man-Democrat representative and personally, living in the lap of luxury.

     It will be interesting to see (Kohn/Löwe's) Kerry's acceptance on the world stage--especially in an Islamic Muslim Middle East.  That first meeting between Secretary Kerry and Iran's Sabourjian Ahmadinejad (having his own alleged Jewish family roots),* should be an historic and fascinating encounter.

    Seems as though Gold Digging is not an easy sport, regardless of which side of the globe you begin clawing your way to the top!


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