Tuesday, December 11, 2012

From The Daily Caller.....

Harry Reid plays dumb when asked about Obama’s fiscal cliff plan


      This reporter for the Daily Caller, Nicholas Ballasy, violated RULE #1 in a reporter's basic handbook.
      NEVER....let me repeat once again for Nicholas...NEVER does a reporter, with any 'moxie,' allow the interviewee to reverse the table and ask questions.
     Reid is a feeble-minded old coot. Ballasy was like putty in this otherwise foolish, silly senile old man's hands. http://www.fortressofbaileytude.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Jimmy-Olsen-A.jpg
      Sorry Nicholas, but in my day, even the greenest cub reporter participating in any news conference, would have politely (politeness optional) reminded Harry Reid, he was not conducting the interview or media session.
     Incidents such as this, only highlight old media's claims that representatives of the 'new media' have a long road to travel before they take command of these sessions and put the crooked politicians, like Reid in their place.
      If you cannot complete that basic mission, please leave questioning of          these arrogant phoneys to the big boys!

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