Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why we have not featured 'Clint, the hot dog guy'

This is 'Clint (Tarver) the hot dog man' 
     Up till a few days ago, Clint Tarver's claim to fame was the apparent delicious hot dogs served up from his 'franks' business in the Lansing, Michigan community.''

     Clint reportedly was hired to cater a gathered encampment of individuals associated with a group identified as Americans for Prosperity, at an anti Right-To-Work rally on December 11th, 2012.

     During this rally, apparently hot tempers prevailed and Clint's hot dog cart was a casualty of a melee which developed.  Clint also reported being victim of racial abuse by union thugs who apparently called him 'an Uncle Tom and Nigger.'  Of course union officials deny these accusations and blame the other side of attempting to associate union participation with Tarvers losses.

     Clint seems like a nice man,  and there really should be no problem with supporting him, or contributing to a fund established on the web to compensate the 'doggie' vendor for his unfortunate rendezvous with rioting ruffians.  Incidentally, at last check, contributions to that site was somewhere around $28,000 and counting.

     After listening to Clint relate his unfortunate encounter with this unruly mob, we had a problem with a portion of his account.  

     According to Tarver, he would serve hot dogs to individuals who presented him a 'ticket.'  He also claims the 'tickets' were issued by his employers, Americans for Prosperity.  Why would these intruders be issued 'tickets,' which apparently were exclusively distributed to AFP participants?  

     No offense to Clint and his Hot Dogs, but this story just did not pass our 'smell test.'  For what it is worth--here is his account of that incident.  You be the judge.

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