Saturday, December 15, 2012

John Kerry is a wonder?ful choice for Secretary of State

John F. Kennedy Kerry--we now can report, officially is Obama's choice to become our next Secretary of State why not, you might ask?  'Lurch,' as Kerry is lovingly known in (and outside) his many social circles will be a perfect fit for a position requiring a vast experience in 'rubbing' shoulders with sorta important people.
For example, here he is with some guys,
     Seriously, and with all due respect to the sagacious Senator, John-boy has touched many bases in his unusual lifetime of status seeking.  Few people probably are aware of Kerry's close ties with the late President John Kennedy.  Here's a picture of a young Kerry, getting almost pretty close and chummy--and even virtually  rubbing shoulders with his idolized legend, JFK:

     Therefore, we could not agree more whole heatedly with President Obama and his reported choice for our next United States Secretary of State, JOHN FORBES KENNEDY KERRY.

     Probably no one alive today is more qualified than Kerry to represent this country on the world's social circuit than perhaps, if he were still with us--Claus von Bülow!

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